Armitron started producing automatic replica watches in 2007

Armitron manufactures wrist replica watches and sports watches for men, women and men. The company pays special attention when choosing materials and finishing. It is no accident, because Eugen Gluck personally is a watchmaker.

The founder of the company, Eugen Gluck, created it in Long Island City, where it is still today. Along with Armitron there is a second brand that belongs to the Gluck empire and is: Anne Klein. Definitely known among the ladies, especially.

The prices of Armitron models are attractive since they are between 50 and 100 euros.

Interestingly, the Americans were among the first to use LED display technology in the 70s for wrist replica watches. The technique, however, had an excessive expenditure of energy so Armitron stopped in 1977 to manufacture this type of wrist watches. As a substitute for this product, it introduced shortly thereafter, LCD watches, creating a new standard in this industry.

In 2007 Armitron begins the production of automatic replica watches uk.