Case and bracelet are made of solid stainless steel-replica watches

We have always had a certain weakness for watchmaking. The design must be sporty and dynamic. That is why we were so pleasantly surprised by the news that the André Belfort house gave us replica watches the opportunity to analyze with magnifying glass its sporty Voilier.

In the dial we find a window that shows the clock mechanism and its bluish screws. The date and the day of the week indicator reminds us of the tachometer of a racing car. Very dynamic Practically throughout the model we see details of replica watches sports design. The dial is well structured in spite of the numerous design elements and the time can be read perfectly also in low light, thanks to the luminescent mass that covers the hands.

Both the case and the bracelet (which has a safety clasp) are made of solid stainless steel and not only for that reason we like them but also for their matte look. The design in general is very suitable. The stainless steel bracelet is a detail that replica watches attracts attention immediately. A carbon structure is followed along the entire belt. This not only looks great but is very comfortable on the wrist.

Behind the irrayable sapphire crystal hides a high-flying technique. The automatic mechanism of André Belofrt caliber ETK 831 with 33 rubies. We had already read before that the mechanism is very reliable. But here we could check it personally. We do not perceive any notable deviation in terms of accuracy. The Voilier withstands a pressure of 5 bars making it a perfectly valid replica watch for any daily activity.

The Voilier is a very successful piece of the André Belfort house. As for its design replica watches uk and given that we have a special weakness for sports, it seems to us a great success and also regarding the technical issue we have been fully satisfied.